Locations vary
Client: Various

Custom designed signage and graphics offer great opportunity to create or reinforce brand identity. Some examples of custom signage designed for various projects include:

ExOfficio Retail Stores
The first Exofficio prototype design at Sea Tac airport was blessed with a location inside the new Central Terminal marketplace that had a billboard sized storefront. We took full advantage of this opportunity with a Magellan projection world map that was a perfect presentation for the brand. The promise of travel/adventure was enhanced with the replica float plane hovering beyond the storefront. Inside the store, edge lit symbol signs were created to communicate the iconic language of Exofficio merchandise.

The second retail street location offered less of an opportunity, having to comply with city signage restrictions. A fully dimensional globe was created to augment the identity sign, becoming a symbolic icon for the street. Inside the store, a new floor logo sign was stained into the concrete.

At JFK airport, very strict signage guidelines dictated the storefront design and basic signage approach. To comply with the guidelines, we designed a backlit graphic overlay film using a traditional USGS topographic map of favorite New York state locations to convey the brand’s promise for travel and adventure. For the interior of the store we created a complete graphics package manual for point of purchase signage and brand reinforcement. The full package has not yet been implemented.

Diablo’s Cantina
The huge exterior sign fronting the Las Vegas strip was championed by our clients, MGM and The Light Group and we had little influence over it. Inside the cantina, we created a variety of way finding signage as necessary communication in a sprawling facility. The vintage style neon and painted metal signs were also a fun way to convey the brand personality. A few examples are shown here. The way finding signage and other straightforward and sometimes humorous signage sayings that are concentrated over the bar or sprinkled throughout the venue were inspired by the look of raucous drinking holes typical in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

A signature element of the Roadrunner venues has been the use of signage. The signature rooftop identity sign was designed to be a highly visible beacon in an auto dominated landscape. Iconic silhouette and “homey” ranch signage is used to repeatedly cement the brand. A funny, surprising thing about Las Vegas is its strict signage ordinances which do not allow a sign to project over the roof parapet line. This is why the Roadrunner roof sign has a short wall behind it and also why we created custom backdrops for the wall mounted “cowboy” sign.