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Craig Hardman, Architect » SAVONGREEN


Seattle, Washington

Craig Hardman is a cofounder and team member of a new business venture called the SavonGreen Group, which provides sustainable strategy consulting services to the Hospitality Industry.

As a large consumer of energy, water resources and food, and as a large producer of waste, the restaurant and hospitality industry offers a unique opportunity to improve sustainable practices that can make a difference. The SavonGreen initiative has been conceived as a way to help restaurants and hospitality businesses evaluate and reduce consumption and waste. We believe that business owners can save money by improving efficiencies and operations and in this way create a win-win for preserving the earth’s resources and enhancing the business’s bottom line.

We have brought together a team of experts in food service operations, waste management and recycling, energy management, and architectural design to provide a holistic approach with strategic consulting services. We will start with a quick assessment of a business and its facilities and practices. Initial results will identify both easy and more involved problems and possible solutions that could benefit from further actions. Analysis covers areas of operations and training, procurement, energy, water, and waste management. Issues and opportunities found may include items like maintenance practices, simple fixes, equipment replacement, operations and training, or use of automatic controls, as well as possible tax incentives and available utility industry rebates. The team can then help with further analysis of issues and development of a cost/benefit evaluation to aid in decision making as it refines a plan of action for a particular business.

The SavonGreen initiative is in its formative stages and currently conducting initial case studies as we refine our analytic tools. Businesses are urged to contact Craig Hardman and SavonGreen for further information if they are interested in having a quick assessment or fully involved analysis.