Las Vegas, Nevada
4,000 SF
Client: Corrigan Investments

Following the success of Roadrunner #1 and 2, this project gave us another opportunity to refine the prototype. Craig Hardman managed the project and led the design effort for NBBJ.

The site was located on a main arterial near the Strip. An existing building occupied the site and had to be maintained in order to protect the existing gaming license which came with the property. The main challenge was to transform a small, one story, pink painted, cinderblock structure into an attractive, exciting place that could compete in the chaotic visual landscape of a typical Las Vegas street.

Our design response was to put a new metal and stucco skin on the existing building. The entire building fa├žade became the sign. The mountain profile of the metal siding reinforced the outdoor concept. The building parapet was heightened to become the backdrop for the sign, and by making the building taller, it provided more presence on the street.

A large, curvilinear central bar dominates the interior space, with a variety of booths, chairs, tables, and custom designed casual seating surrounding it.