Las Vegas, Nevada
8,000 SF
Client: Corrigan Investments

The Roadrunner brand was maturing and a new site in a different neighborhood was the setting for Roadrunner #4. Craig Hardman managed the project and led the design effort for NBBJ.

The site was located on a main arterial near a highway interchange. The local zoning ordinance required that the entrance for a tavern had to be located more than 1,500 feet from a day care facility or school. This forced the entry door to be located in one very specific location on the property. To accommodate parking, circulation and the rest of the program, the entry door was placed at the end of a long entry corridor connecting it with the main part of the building. The program expanded to include an outdoor dining and drinking area, which conveniently could be created along one side of the lengthy entry.

The interior dining and bar areas further evolved from the original design with the long bar and “herd of cows” seating in the lounge. A fireplace was added to the dining room. Custom furniture and lighting was provided throughout. Jeudi Scannell of Denver, Colorado acquired and helped to install a wide assortment of authentic cowboy artifacts, collected from ranches throughout the West.