Seattle, Washington
2,300 SF

Craig Hardman Architect designed this new house for himself and his young family on a 5,000 SF southwest sloping urban infill site intended to fit appropriately into the older established neighborhood of modest homes.

The floor plan is a simple rectangle that has been twisted within into an angled arrangement to create a dramatic spatial experience.  The upper level living, entertainment, and loft space takes maximum advantage of views and the potential afforded by the 17’ high beamed cathedral ceiling.  The lower level has bedrooms, baths, and laundry well insulated and nestled into the sloping site.  The upper level “command post” kitchen provides a central anchor for spaces arranged around it.  A mid level entry at the front equally serves both levels from a perch porch with territorial views.

The house is designed with passive solar principles so that glazing is primarily south facing and aligned with distant views of Lake Washington and Mount Rainier.  At the same time significant deciduous trees and other site vegetation were preserved to provide summer shading and potential for winter heat gain.  The rear exterior terrace, adapted to the sloping site and partially framed by the house, provides a surprisingly private and secluded oasis for such a dense urban setting.

The design demonstrates that a small, unique house can be built on a tight budget based on simple spatial and site planning principles.