Locations vary
Client: Various

Custom designed light fixtures and effects are often a great way to meet a client’s needs, reinforce a brand, and best reflect the design intent. Some examples of custom lighting designed for various projects include:

ExOfficio Retail Stores
For the JFK store, we designed an inexpensive pendant light with a grass cloth covered shade that fit well with the look and feel of the store. In designing the store, we worked with Seattle’s Lighting Design Lab to evaluate the complete lighting package. This review helped to define the design criteria for these fixtures.

Agave Restaurant and Lounge
We first worked with Mexican artisans to create some unique lighting fixtures. We found the Driftwood armatures in Mexico, and then designed the multiple spiral metal shades to house individual lamps and complete the fixture, which was installed in a random fashion over the bar. We worked with a metal worker in Mexico to create the hanging pendant lights over the built in dining tables. The low wall recessed “mouse hole” lights were adapted from traditional Mexican lighting effects.

We designed various light fixtures throughout this project. One example was the metal spiral pendant light hanging over the upstairs bar. This simple solution is both very affordable and a fitting complement to the brand message of playful fun.

Northgate North
At Northgate North Craig Hardman worked in conjunction with Sidney Gennette of Lighting Designs, Inc., to design a family of exterior lights including pole mounted, wall mounted and cable hung. The lights were designed to fit with the industrial style of the building. The wall mounted up/down version of the light was enhanced by the textured concrete it was attached to. Overall building and signage lighting earned a Design Award from the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America, 2003 for achievement in lighting.

A signature element of the Roadrunner venues has been a large collection of custom designed light fixtures and lighting effects. The lightning storm cloud at Roadrunner Boulder Highway was fashioned from corrugated and perforated metal shaped and bent to create a cloud like form. Recessed spotlighting, strobe lights, colored neon and glass rain completed the effect. A variety of standard pendant lights were designed as simple “cowbell” shapes with cut out patterns. A recurring element is the silhouette scene with backlit neon used as a cloud over dining and a dramatic backdrop to the bar. Various wall sconces were created. The original cow-head wall sconce and horseshoe pendant were the brilliant idea of Jennifer Mann, a member of the original NBBJ design team.