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Locations vary
Client: Various

Custom designed furniture and fixtures are often the best way to meet client’s needs and best reflect the design intent. 3D computer drawings are sometimes used to refine the design and communicate with the client. Simple hand sketches can also serve to convey the look and feel of a piece of furniture. Some examples of furniture and fixtures designed for various projects include:

ExOfficio Retail Stores
Cashwrap and backwrap fixtures for all of the stores have been designed to reinforce the plan, meet operational needs, and best fit the space. Materials used at the Seattle airport and Bellevue stores were a reclaimed wood frame and exposed edges with linoleum sheet goods used for the tops and vertical surfaces. At the JFK store, the cashwrap design was changed to fit a smaller space and used the sustainable material “Kirei” board, a press board panel made from reclaimed sorghum straw, and a compressed paper (“Paperstone”) for the countertops. Built in merchandise focal fixtures were fashioned with reclaimed wood. Moveable display tables fashioned from Kirei board were also created. Exofficio will also use “found object” furniture for occasional display tables and fitting room furniture which help to reinforce the brand through referencing far flung travel destinations.

Diablo’s Cantina
Custom designed full service bars were created at both levels fashioned with reclaimed wood. Large and small pieces of recycled embossed and pressed metal ceilings were also used to create the bar front edge and accent the front face. Reclaimed wood tables, chairs, and barstools were all designed and custom made to be just the right level of casualness and fun. At the upstairs outdoor patio, lounge chairs, loveseats and tables were fashioned from sustainable IPE wood. Hostess stands and wait stations were also designed to fit the look.

As the Roadrunner grew and expanded, custom furniture and fixtures evolved to ratchet up the fun. Adapting traditional cowboy motifs for use in various furniture pieces reinforced the brand. We also found existing furniture that could be customized to add to the eclectic nature of the place. One aspect of the custom designed bars was the tooled leather armrest, which has become a signature element of the place.

The Locker
A tired old locker found in a recycling store served as the starting point for this repurposed dining room buffet fixture. The dark brown paint was stripped to bare metal. Custom slumped glass was inserted into a new vertical opening in the front face. Interior glass shelves and brightly colored paint combined with new interior lights add to the glow of this one of a kind furniture piece.