San Francisco, California
17,000 SF
Client: Entro's

While at NBBJ Design, Craig Hardman spearheaded the effort to design a new prototype for Entros, a unique entertainment concept that was expanding from its original location in Seattle.

The Entros concept was to be a kind of amusement park for adults. Guests were invited to come and have dinner with friends and then to participate in an array of specially created parlor games designed to foster interaction and community. The site was an abandoned licorice factory near the Embarcadero in San Francisco. The old warehouse-like building was transformed into a two level destination, drinking, dining, and play space.

The design approach was to create a sort of Entros “city”, with a town square as the main dining area, flanked by the various game rooms fronting on the square, or nestled along a “side street”. The sequence of movement through the space was contemplated to keep people intrigued and engaged in their perception and use of the facility. The space was designed to make people of all types feel comfortable and relaxed, offering a variety of settings and opportunities in which to enjoy the experience. A sense of theatrical mystery and drama added to the effect.

The project was accomplished on a relatively low budget, maximizing the adaptation of existing building elements, and using color, lighting, and low cost materials to transform the space. The design included custom lighting, furniture and fixtures. The design team included Justin Zier in an early collaboration with Craig Hardman.