Las Vegas, Nevada
8,400 SF Interior; 2,000 SF Exterior Patio and Entry Court
Client: Michael Corrigan Restaurants

Craig Hardman Architect was retained to create a new concept free standing Mexican restaurant that would stand out in a town full of unique destination restaurants. The site is located in a neighborhood shopping center in the upscale Summerlin neighborhood on the outskirts of Las Vegas. The design is intended to create an oasis among the big box retailers and chain restaurants that surround it.

The building design and construction captures the spirit of Mexico in the building form, use of color, and materials. The design process started with extensive research which included visiting legendary Tequila Distilleries to better understand the mystique, history, and culture of Tequila. We met and visited Mexican artisans and craftspeople to get ideas and develop contacts and sources that would be used in the building construction.

The basic building form is inspired by the Mexican “palapa”, a traditional coastal shelter which typically is circular and umbrella like, with minimal central supports and a radiating structure. The design evolved with the palapa over the bar as the central organizing element. The final building includes doors, windows, blown glass, lighting, furniture, ceramic tile, and various art-pieces that were custom designed for this project, handcrafted in Mexico, and shipped to Las Vegas for installation.

The final design serves as the perfect backdrop to create the number one destination Mexican restaurant and Tequila Bar in Las Vegas. The carefully researched and developed menu of food and beverage is complemented by a building design with the ambience and flavor of Mexico, and serves as a comfortable neighborhood hangout.

Agave has been the subject of numerous articles and was awarded “Best Bathroom” design in the first annual Hospitality Magazine Awards program, 2006.

The design team working with Craig Hardman included interior designer Jeudi Scannell, Denver, Colorado, and Justin Zier, Seattle; Sidney Gennette, Lighting Design; Innovative Design, Las Vegas, Executive Architect.